COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Updates - 06/23/2020

Note: PDF versions of this info can be downloaded at the bottom of this post.

Wow! What a crazy world it is right now! However, KEEP CALM! EMG's November shows are still on the books and are filling fast! (The phone has been ringing all week!) If you have already applied - you are set and have a booth reserved for you! If you have not applied for our shows, or want to add a second show, we encourage you to do that soon! We are only asking for a $100 deposit with your app. Rest assured, deposits and booth fees will be refunded if anything changes with the production of the show. Also, we are allowing artists to make payments on their balance. See below for our Updated Cancellation Policy/Payment Plan Options.

UPDATED APPLICATION - CLICK HERE to see our updated application with payment options. Also, please share this with other quality artists that would be a good fit
for our shows - we want to have top notch show again this year! Please let us know how we can best assist you with your application or payments!

We (and all your customers) are looking forward to seeing you again in November!

Stay Positive! Stay Creative!

EMG Team


EMG is moving forward with planning both of our 2020 fall shows:
The Northern Virginia Christmas Market and the Virginia Beach Christmas Market.
However, we have amended our cancellation policy to allow for full refunds after September 15 th for COVID related illnesses or COVID related family situations. Please remember that all cancellations need to be in writing via US mail or email. If email is sent, please call EMG to confirm receipt. If, for any reason, either event is canceled, the artist can choose to have all booth fees for that particular canceled show either credited to a 2021 show or fully refunded to the artist.
Artists that are accepted to our shows will be asked to pay their balance within 30 days of their acceptance. If a payment plan is needed, it can be set up by either credit card or post dated checks, but will need management approval first.

The balance can be divided up into 3-5 payments according to the following schedule:
June 30
July 31
August 31
September 31
October 15 – all payments need to be received by this date.


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