Emergencies & Cancellations

Emergency Contact Information

Emergency Contact Information: In the event of an emergency during the show weekend, exhibitors and/or assistants may call the following contacts:

  • Virginia Beach Convention Center Security Offices - (757)219-2152

  • Dulles Expo Center - Our office number is forwarded to the Show Management Desk (757)417-7771

  • Show Management Desk - Our office number is forwarded to the Show Management Desk (757)417-7771

  • Please make these phone numbers and the phone number of your hotel or host in the Virginia Beach area available to anyone who may need to contact you or your staff in an emergency.

What is your refund policy?

An application is your commitment to do the show. The $100 deposit is non-refundable once you are accepted into the show. No refunds will be granted within 90 of the show dates. Exhibitors who must cancel should inform Events Management Group, Inc. immediately, both verbally and in writing, of their cancellation. Exhibitors who do not show and do not cancel will not be reinvited to future shows.

What to do if you have to cancel at the last minute?

Last minute cancellations, vehicle breakdowns or other delays
should be reported to Show Management immediately at (757)417-7771.

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