Exhibitor Arrival & Booth Set-up

Can I setup early?

In most cases the answer will be no. We utilize all pre-setup hours preparing the facility for the arrival of exhibitors. Also, convention center staff will be moving about with heavy equipment and it is not safe for any exhibitors to be in the facility at this time. If the setup time can be moved forward we will notify you of the change via email.

Also, EMG will not be available for on-site for questions prior to Thursday's set-up. All of our staff will be diligently working to prepare the hall for your arrival. Please call or leave a message at (757)417-7771 with any questions or concerns.

Do I need a tent?

No. If you have one and it is fire proof you may set it up in your booth. If you do set up a tent make sure it will fit within a 10x10 space.

Do you provide tables?

Tables are available for rent. You can order them on the application or over the phone. Please make all requests prior to the week of the show. All tables should have covers that reach the ground.

Can I setup late, break down early or only exhibit one or two days of the show?

No. You must be be open and ready for business for all show hours. Furthermore, the last person to buy a ticket deserves the same quality show as the first and we always get complaints from customers if exhibitors begin to break down early on Sunday.

What happens if my tables do not fit in my booth?

You will need to use a different combination of tables and/or booth layout. All aisles must remain at their designated width due to fire regulations.

Is the booth draped?

Yes. Each booth comes with an 8' back drape and 3' side drapes. Colors vary with each show.

Can my friend/spouse attend the show in my place?

No. The applying artisan must be present during all show dates and hours.

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