Vintage Alley Standards of Eligibility

VINTAGE ALLEY at the Virginia Beach Antique Show - August 9-11, 2013

A showcase of vintage & architectural salvage merchandise & re-purposed artistic furnishings



Standards of Eligibility

Vintage Dealers:  We will be hand selecting and/or jurying a small number of quality vintage dealers who sell well preserved vintage goods in the area of mid century modern, Danish modern and early 60's merchandise. All items must be labeled with accurate information about the piece, and no merchandise post 1969 will be accepted. Reproductions and current-day collectibles are prohibited. Items in this category will include: vintage yard and advertising signs, feed store linens and textiles, vintage toys, home goods, books, tableware, decorative accessories and primitive goods.

Architectural Salvage Dealers:  Dealers in this merchandise category must sell pre-1960 merchandise that is still in good condition and still functional if it has moving parts. If it is not functional it must be strictly for decorative purposes and/or have artistic value. Architectural Salvage Dealers may be given slightly more space if they have larger than normal inventory.

Salvage & Re-purposed Artists:  All exhibitors in this category will sell re-purposed items that fall into the home furnishings or decorative category. Items in this category include pre-1970 painted furniture & accessories, art work, decorative pieces, and linens and textiles. Any item that is re-purposed for use in the home must be made of 70% vintage materials. A limited number of “personal adornment” accessory and jewelry exhibitors will be hand selected, and will be those with items that are made of 70% vintage materials.

Booth Display Information for all Participants: The most important aspect of Vintage Alley is the exhibitor's display, and it must be in keeping with the overall quality of the show. This area is a showcase space that will be heavily promoted in all our advertising materials. And let's face it – a great display makes for great sales! All exhibitors in this area must have a high quality, eye catching display, with an artistic flair for presentation and staging of their inventory. Please call for details or assistance regarding this. Exhibitors are responsible for their complete display set up and for any display apparatus. This is an indoor, climate controlled, draped show, and each booth is outfitted with an 8 foot tall x 10 foot wide back drop curtain, and two 3 foot high drape pieces on either side to separate exhibitors. Additional drape can be rented for $20 per 8 foot section and 8 foot or 6 foot tables can be rented for $15 each.

New and production/collectible merchandise is strictly prohibited.

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